proXSign® is a full featured set of components for PKI based digital signing. Qualified digital certificate users can easily sign electronic documents within web or desktop applications using a set of advanced proXSign® components with cross-platform and multi-browser support. 

Digital certificate based signing

proXSign® components can be easily integrated in existing web or desktop applications. Programmable libraries supports most commonly used digital signature types in XML format (XMLDSig and XAdES) or PDF (PKCS#7 and PAdES), PDF/A for long-term preservation of electronic documents, SHA-1 in SHA-2 cryptographic hash algorithms, digital signature verification and encryption (XMLEnc), etc.

New generation of proXSign® components follows provisions of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS).

proXSign® includes also timestamping client used for digital signatures validity preservation on a long-term basis. proXSign® can be used in combination with the Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) system eKeeper®.

proXSign® components have been recognized and approved by the World Wide Web Consortium in interoperability tests.

The new generation of proXSign® components run independently from web browsers, meaning that any browser upgrade has no effect on the performance of proXSign®. Desktop applications are supported via COM libraries.

Web based signing

proXSign® is the first choice by enterprises, organizations and public administration, when business processes are performed on-line using web applications. Users can utilize their X.509 qualified digital certificates for secure, legally compliant and easy to use electronic document digital signing without the need to install complex PKI based solutions.

The main advantage of proXSign® components is support for wide range of web browsers and operating systems and one/single setup package for all browsers. New generation of proXSign® support all popular web browsers, including the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Integration of proXSign® programmable libraries is fast, easy and intuitive. Integration is supported via single JavaScript API for all platforms and web browsers. Intended use case scenarios can easily be tested/checked in advance by using powerful proXSign® on-line testing tool.

For end-user the installation and usage of proXSign® components is simple and intuitive, autoupdate is also supported. The latest version of proXSign® components also support concurrent usage of different digital certificate stores, for example Windows and Mozilla Firefox on Windows OS or Keychain and Mozilla Firefox on MAC OS. Therefore, it is not relevant for end-user where his personal digital certificate is installed.

SETCCE proXSign key features are defined here: 

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