SETCCE eKeeper® solution delivers the highest level of document integrity protection, authenticity demonstration and digital signatures validity for long periods of time based on IETF Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) standard and PKI based Time-Stamping (TS).

Trusted electronic archive

Trusted electronic archiving solutions must be able to demonstrate the (time of) existence, integrity, and validity of data including signed data for long or undetermined periods of time. This can be achieved with adding security attributes based on syntaxes and strong encryption algorithms such as Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) and Time-Stamping (TS).

The eKeeper® solution creates and manages document's security attributes on long-term basis. For each document, an ERS record is created and linked with other ERS records in order to obtain TS token from qualified time stamp authority. TS tokens use strong encryption algorithms and qualified digital certificates.

With ERS technique, a single TS token is used for a batch of any number of documents. This way operational cost are drastically reduced, while providing the same highest level of integrity protection and authenticity demonstration. Digital signatures are also protected with ERS, where TS token proves signature validity when a document was inserted in trusted electronic archive and prolongs the validity of a digital signature even after digital certificate expires or is revoked.

The eKeeper® solution is intended for enterprises and organizations that already implement document storage solutions and need a dedicated system for security attributes in order to set up trusted electronic archive. The ERS system is designed and developed by SETCCE and can be integrated with most Document Management Systems (DMS) available on the market today (e.g. EMC2 Documentum, Alfresco or IBM CM).

Evidence Record Syntax and Time Stamp

Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard for long-term integrity and authenticity demonstration and for digital signatures’ validity preservation. ERS records use Time-Stamping (TS) tokens for a single or a batch of documents. Documents are collected in document trees where only a root value of such tree is timestamped in order to reduce costs. Regardless of the fact that a batch of documents share the same TS token, documents can be decoupled and each document can be managed on its own.

The ERS syntax used by the eKeeper® solution supports the following:

  • demonstration of integrity and protection of document content changes at any time during the document archival;
  • protection of authenticity during the document archival;
  • preserving validity of digital signatures even after expiration of digital certificates;
  • legal compliancy;
  • preservation and protection of any document format and digital signature type;
  • integration with document and record management systems or databases;
  • reduction of costs of external services such as qualified time stamping service;
  • scalability, robustness and long-term performance.

Legal validity and compliancy

The ERS system eKeeper® is compliant with:

  • Directive 1999/93/EC on a Community framework for electronic signatures;
  • Electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS);
  • IETF Long Term Archive and Notarization Services recommendations;
  • IETF Evidence Record Syntax;
  • W3C XML Digital Signatures;
  • ETSI XML Advanced Electronic Signatures;
  • IETF Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Time-Stamp Protocol;
  • and others.