With cloud based electronic invoices services, enterprises and organizations can instantly move to digital transactions in B2B and B2C scenarios. Introduction of electronic invoices, electronic exchange and trusted electronic archiving requires no investments and upgrades of own infrastructure, while preserving the highest data security level and legally compliancy.

Overall e-invoicing, e-exchange and trusted e-archiving service

SETCCE eNvoices® cloud service enables enterprises and organizations to eliminate paper in invoicing processes with:

  • Generation of e-document including orders, delivery notices and invoices, individually or in batch;
  • Generation of bulk e-invoices;
  • Preparation of various specifications and amendments to orders, delivery notices and invoices;
  • Error management in invoicing processes;
  • Attachments (commercial) generation;
  • Exchange of e-documents and attachments using various channels (e-mail, e-document exchange systems, e-bank);
  • Trusted electronic archiving of e-documents for (legally defined) retention periods.

Operation of eNvoices® cloud service as well as generated e-documents are legally compliant with European legislation and European directives on e-documents, e-invoicing and e-signatures.

E-invoices issuing

E-invoices and other e-documents issuing process is analogue to paper based processes. Paper invoice is replaced with invoice in electronic format based on technical recommendations and standards such as EAN.COM or CEN. Paper based envelope is replaced with electronic counterpart that include all needed routing information such as distribution channel type (e.g. e-mail or e-bank), recipient's address, etc. Created e-invoice is compliant to accounting standards and (local) legislation. Using standardized formats, e-invoice is easily imported by recipients’ information systems.

SETCCE eNvoices® service include several data and document validation procedures in order to produce error free e-invoices. Each document can be digitally signed using qualified digital signature, providing outbound e-invoices integrity and authenticity. All e-invoices are securely stored in trusted electronic archive set up following highest security standards. E-invoice can be accompanied with additional de-documents, such as order, delivery notice, etc.

E-invoices exchange

Electronic invoices can be exchanged using various distribution channels. SETCCE eNvoices® service supports exchange via e-mail, electronic exchange systems and e-bank. Different distribution channels provide different quality of service, such as automated resending options, delivery notifications, etc. Some exchange systems support integration with other systems such as payment systems in case of exchange over e-banking channels.

E-invoices exchange is bilaterally agreed between sending and receiving party and depends on available distribution channels and integration of channels with other information systems (e.g. accounts payable or e-banking systems). SETCCE eNvoices® service is designed with interoperability in mind and supports exchange in various formats using various distribution channels. The service provides e-invoice issuers a variety of options to reach the majority e-invoice recipients...

E-invoices archiving

Each e-invoice must be preserved in original form and in a trustworthy manner in order that its integrity and authenticity is assured until retention period expires. E-invoices must be archived by issuers and by recipients.

SETCCE eNvoices® is integrated with trusted electronic archive service eHramba.si®, which was accredited by the state archive. Each e-invoice and other e-document are inserted in the trusted electronic archive service and immediately accessible to users for later information and revision. Trusted electronic archive service is provided in cooperation with ZZI Ltd.