ePero® is an overall, all-in-one solution for introducing handwritten (biometric) electronic signatures in business processes. With ePero solution organizations save costs on printing, handling and scanning paper documents as the entire process is handled in electronic form.

Overall electronic signature solution

The ePero® solution is the key building block of Digital Transaction Management systems, optimizing business operations by eliminating paper form business processes. The ePero® platform supports the use of various types of signature devices including signature pads, signature displays, tablet PCs and smartphones for stationery or mobile use electronically signing documents. With introduction of the ePero® solution paper based work is replaced with paperless processes eliminating the need for printing, handling and scanning documents.

Each individual document and included handwritten electronic signature(s) are protected using qualified digital signature(s) in order to demonstrate document's and handwritten signature's authenticity and integrity. Electronically signed documents are instantly delivered to trusted electronic archive, where timestamping technology and strong encryption methods are used to prolong the validity of electronic signatures and protect documents' integrity on a long-term basis.

The ePero® solution is based on highest-level security standards and is adapted to work in various industries including telecommunications, financial industry, health and public administration. The use of the ePero® solution is legally compliant and has already been approved by organizations regulating implementation of electronic documents and electronic signatures.

Signature Pads

WACOM signature pads deliver the best user experience combined with robustness and reliability. A range of signature pads and signature displays meets the needs of even the most demanding customers regardless of the industry and type of use (stationary or mobile).

Signature Pads

Signature pads are used primarily for simple transactions or contractual documents. Smaller display provides ergonomically use and presentation of basic information on digital transaction, which is to be signed.

WACOM signature pads deliver the best price to functionality and reliability ratio and outstanding user experience. Signature pads may be used also for other purposes like marketing (visual advertising), user's data capturing (surveying) and sales processes (configurators).

Signature displays

Signature displays are used for all business processes where a complete document must be presented to the signing party. With signature display, a document can be presented in original A4 or letter format, while scrolling between pages and marking document is easy using enclosed signature stylus.

WACOM signature displays deliver the best price to functionality and reliability ratio and outstanding user experience. Signature displays deliver advanced performance against signature pads as they can be used for marketing (visual advertising including video), sales processes (product visual presentation and configuration) and user's data capturing (form filling and surveying).

Smart phones and tablet PCs

Smartphones and tablet PCs introduce powerful processor and touch sensitive display in a single device, which can be used in combination with dedicated stylus for handwritten signature capturing.

Smartphones and tablet PCs therefore present an overall solution for mobile use. Documents can be prepared using existing tools and solutions in the office or in the field using mobile device. Handwritten signature capturing is as easy as using dedicated sign pad, without additional hardware.

In order to deliver the best user experience and highest security of captured handwritten signatures, specific device touch screen quality must be evaluated prior the implementation. A range of device models have already been evaluated to work efficiently and provide secure and reliable handwritten signature capturing experience using embedded WACOM technology (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Note).

Tested and verified smartphones and tablet PCs:

  • Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Note, Apple iPhone, Google Nexus, LG G4…
  • Tablet PCs: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad, Asus VivoTab, Asus Fone­pad, Prestigio Multipad, HP Slate…

Trusted Electronic Archive

In order to preserve legal value, all electronic documents including electronically signed documents, must be stored and preserved in trusted electronic archive. Authenticity and integrity of an electronic document may downgrade if not properly protected, while validity of electronic signature is decomposed if not securely maintained. Trusted electronic archiving is not only legally binding but also enables the optimization of business processes with fast, secure and cost effective documents access in comparison to traditional paper based archives.

The eHramba.si® cloud service is ISO 27.001 compliant and state archive approved cloud service for business documentation. Two backup locations, physical and electronic security, access control and the use of most advanced encryption techniques, ensure that electronic documents are securely stored and electronic signature validity maintained for the complete retention period. The service is intended for the use by companies and organizations that focus on:

  • Direct material and operational costs savings;
  • Saving cost on communication with customers and partners;
  • Internal and external processes optimization;
  • Reduction of internal physical (information) infrastructure;
  • Raising the security and protection level of archived business documents.

The use of the eHramba.si® trusted electronic archive service is secure, reliable, cost efficient, and user friendly. It introduces the management of business documentation without the need to implement complex and costly infrastructure that will protect electronic documents based on strong encryption methods and PKI infrastructure. The eHramba.si® cloud service has been accredited by the state archive and has obtained ISO certification.

Legal validity

Electronic signatures created with the ePero® solution are legally compliant according to:

  • Directive 1999/93/EC on a Community framework for electronic signatures;
  • Electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS);
  • Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN);
  • Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA);

and many more.