Financial industry

Digital platforms are the key building blocks of the new generation of financial institutions. SETCCE's digital transactions management product portfolio supports financial institutions in transforming their businesses to paperless processes reaching customers through various digital channels.

Solutions and services


Financial industry is characterized with processes that generate significant amount of paper. Introducing digital transactions with electronic signing reduces the use of paper, shortens processes and limits errors. Opening an account, performing financial transactions or creating an insuring policy has never been easier with the use of ePero® solution or ePero®START cloud service. Supported with ISO 27.001 compliant trusted electronic archive all transactions can now be conducted in secure, legally compliant digital manner on the field or in the office.


SETCCE e-invoicing cloud services are suitable for financial institutions of any size and can reduce the costs of invoicing for up to 80% including e-invoices distribution. Significant costs savings are achieved in mass e-invoicing, which is often the case in financial industry. Individual, group or other type of invoices for financial products are generated in electronic form based on global e-invoicing standards (e.g. CEN). With e-invoices, other documents (e.g. specifications or marketing information) are attached and distributed through selected channel (e-mail, e-bank or dedicated messaging system). Recipients can import e-invoices in standardized format, further reducing the costs of the process. Same way, SETCCE cloud services can handle other type of documents including orders and delivery notices supporting complete order-delivery-invoice cycle in electronic form.


Financial industry can significantly benefit from managing and archiving documents in electronic format. Securely stored documents are retrieved immediately for back office use and customer support. SETCCE trusted e-archiving solutions and services are designed with security in mind and in line with technology standards and legislation. Trusted archiving by SETCCE delivers the highest level of integrity protection and authenticity demonstration for all electronic documents including electronically signed documents.


Most business processes can successfully adopt digital transactions. Introducing paperless processes must be aligned with user's expectations, technology standards and legal framework. SETCCE offers various consultancy services from planning, designing to implementation of information technology and (security) policies for paperless business.