Introduction of paperless business

Transforming business processes requires precise plan. This is followed by implementation on both, technology and organizational level. SETCCE provides professional consulting for enterprises and organizations of any size that focus on paperless business transformation for business optimization on various levels.

Consultancy services include:

  • Review and analysis of existing business processes;
  • Definition of backgrounds and goals for paperless business transformation;
  • Review and analysis of legal framework related to paperless business;
  • Definition and engineering of business processes in paperless form;
  • Technical engineering for information systems that support paperless business;
  • Definition and implementation of organizational rules and policies for paperless business.

When paperless business is the goal, our consultancy services are based on existing organization and information infrastructure. In cooperation with our clients, we strive for the most optimal transformation process that delivers immediate results. Our goal is to deliver smooth and cost effective transformation with legal compliancy in mind.