Introducing paperless processes requires the use of advanced, proven and legally compliant technologies. Our IT partners can benefit with SETCCE technology in all industries by upgrading their product portfolios with secure, reliable and cost efficient digital transaction management technologies.

Solutions and services


EU directives and legislation sets framework in which e-signatures are to be used and when e-signatures are equal to handwritten signatures. SETCCE proXSign® for digital (PKI based) signing and ePero® for electronic handwritten signing can be integrated in a variety of systems such as Customer Relation Management (CRM), Document Management System (DMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems delivering instant transition to paperless processes in secure and legally compliant manner.


Trusted electronic archive must support long-term accessibility, usability and authenticity of archived documents. This can be achieved with the use of advanced document management system and Evidence Record Syntax (ERS) system for protecting documents’ integrity and demonstrating documents’ authenticity. Furthermore, SETCCE eKeeper® ERS systems, preserves the validity of digital signatures on long term basis. In environments without DMS functionalities, trusted archive service designed and build around powerful IBM based DMS and SETCCE eKeeper® ERS system is the most natural choice. ISO 27.001 certified and legally compliant trusted archive service can be easily integrated in any business information system via web-services or used with user web based interface.