Other industries

SETCCE delivers a range of specific products for digital transaction management used across industries and sectors.

All SETCCE solutions and services are designed with reliability, security and legal compliancy in mind. SETCCE products integrate the latest achievements in technology development and standardization, which assures our customers with highest confidence and trust in digital transaction management. Using international technology standards, SETCCE solutions and services also deliver the highest level of interoperability with other business information systems.

SETCCE solutions and services support digital transaction and paperless workflows for a variety of business documents including contracts, amendments, orders, invoices, policies, transaction proofs, etc. All SETCCE products present the building blocks of advanced business information systems with upgrading existing infrastructures rather than replacing them. Solutions and services include legally compliant e-signing, e-invoicing and e-archiving.

Solutions and services offered by SETCCE are suitable for enterprises and organizations of any size: product portfolio include solutions suitable for large enterprises and cloud services for smaller enterprises and organizations. Complemented with consultancy services helping enterprises and organizations to plan and execute business transformation, SETCCE technology is an overall answer to organizations that want to introduce digital transactions and paperless workflows with reliable and trustworthy partner.