From the time of foundation, SETCCE ISLab research group has been involved in over 25 national and international research projects. Research results have helped SETCCE to gain market advantage with successful transfer to innovative products in the field of digital transaction management, smart environments and information security.

On-going Projects

National Projects

Currently SETCCE ISLab research group performs no national projects.

International Projects

Completed Projects

National projects

  • Ministry of Defense: Targeted research programme: Data security and protection in defense information communication system.
  • PHARE 2003: Creation of Innovative Learning Environment, Development of e-Skills and Competences in Order to Support the Enforcement of Informal Forms of Lifelong Learning – E-VINTER
  • PHARE 2003: Supporting technology centers
  • Slovenian Research Agency – Targeted Research Program: Ambiental Intelligence in Living Environments
  • Rehabilitation Institute of Republic of Slovenia: Dom IRIS
  • European Fund For Regional Development – Competency Center ICT: Upgrade of Competency Center ICT research infrastructure
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport – eContent: FENIKS
  • Ministry Of Economic Development And Technology – KROP: Strengthening SETCCE ISLab research group
  • European Fund For Regional Development – Competence Centers: Biomedicine Technology Competence Center, project SAMinZDRAV

International Projects

Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Embedding ICT/Multimedia Standardisation Initiatives into Vocational Training Strategies in Europe – Embedding Standards

Okvirni program

  • Building trust in networking in Newly Associated States through the use of secure information society technologies – NASTEC
  • Configuration and Provisioning of End-User Services in Premium IP Networks – CADENUS
  • Future Active IP Networks – FAIN
  • Industrial Embedded Standards – INES

Okvirni program

  • Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and
  •  Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services – DAIDALOS I in DAIDALOS II 
  • System engineering for security and dependability – SERENITY

Okvirni program

  • Personal Self-Improving Smart Spaces – PERSIST 
  • Self Orchestrating Community Ambient Intelligence Spaces – SOCIETIES
  • European Global Border Environment – GLOBE

Program PASR

  • Border Surveillance by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle BSUAV
  • Wide Maritime Area Airborne Surveillance – WIMAAS