Public administration

Due to versatility of information technology introducing digital transactions in public domain is a high challenge. SETCCE digital transaction management solutions and services meet even the highest security standards usually required in public administration domains.

Solutions and services


Public administration face processes optimization challenges the same way as any other industry. SETCCE e-signing solutions and services are designed with versatility and legal compliancy in mind. Majority of information system environments are supported for both, digital PKI based signing and electronic handwritten signing enabling the use of e-government services on a variety of platforms.

Uniform technical solutions for digital (PKI based) signing and electronic handwritten signing assures uniform experience across many platforms including mobile environments and reduces the cost of integration. All solutions and services are designed in line with international technical recommendations, security standards and legal framework.


SETCCE e-archiving solutions and services have been designed initially for public administration environments with highest operational, security and integrity requirements. With the use of SETCCE trusted e-archiving solutions and services the cost of managing documents and records public can be significantly reduced, while open interfaces enable seamless integration with existing information systems. Electronically archived documents are easily accessible via web interfaces or through integration with existing information systems. Rusted archive services are ISO 27.001 certified.


SETCCE maintains knowledge database covering expertise in technology standardization, information security and digital transactions related legal framework. Introducing paperless processes with SETCCE, consulting services include planning, designing, implementation of information technology and (security) policies for digital transactions.