Research fields

At SETCCE, we pay special attention to development of innovative information technology products for optimizing business processes. All SETCCE products are direct results of long-term research activities performed in cooperation with global research partner network. SETCCE Research Group ISLab has a history of succesfull cooperation on a number of European and national research consortiums and has managed to set up a comprehensive knowledge database in the field of information security, privacy protection and digital transaction management technology. Generated knowledge is being used for direct research results transfer into innovative products that are now part of SETCCE product portfolio.

In parallel with research activities, SETCCE research group is deeply involved in standardization processes of different information technology areas. The group cooperates with international standardization bodies such as Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) , World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), North Atalnitc Treaty Organization (NATO) and national bodies such as Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (GZS). 

SETCCE research program is focused on:

  • Digital transaction management link,
  • Information Security link,
  • Digital Identities link,
  • Internet of Things link.

Digital Transaction Management

Introduction of digital transaction management is based in information technology solutions that supports secure generation, management, exchange and preservation of data. With digital transaction management, technology paper can completely be eliminated from business processes and replaced with digital data and documents. Data and interfaces standardization plays a crucial role when data is processed between several business parties.

In the field of digital transaction management SETCCE performs several research activities, whose results reflects in innovative information technology concepts and standards. Research results are directly transferred to innovative platforms and solutions that enable our customers to introduce digital management transactions and eliminate paper from business processes in secure fashion and legally compliant manner.

Information Security

Historically SETCCE was focused on information security that helped us design, develop and deploy secure digital transaction management solutions and services for our customers. ISLab research group performs several research activities in the field of data protection, secure data exchange and trustworthy data preservation in order to gain critical knowledge for development of trustworthy digital transaction management solutions and services. Special attention is paid to different techniques of secure electronic signing, protecting authenticity and demonstration of integrity.

Research results and results of standardization activities present foundation for development of innovative and secure solutions and services. Based on research results a range of professional consultancy services are offered to our clients, helping them prepare and manage business transformation in secure and legally compliant manner with innovative concepts for secure data processing and exchange.

Digital Identities

Identification of individuals, organizations and devices in open networks rely on digital identities. Digital identities present the key building blocks of digital transaction management systems helping business parties to recognize their peers in a trustworthy and legally compliant manner. In cooperation with international research partners, SETCCE ISLab research group performs research activities in the field of cross border electronic identity recognition, electronic business identities, internet of things identities, protection of electronic identities and technologies that support the use of identities for specific purposes like electronic signing.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a fast growing technology field connecting a millions of devices in global network for the purpose of data collection, processing, devices management and information delivery. SETCCE ISLab research group already cooperates with international research partners in the field of research and development of connected smart devices, data processing and connected devices controlling in safe and secure manner.

Special attention of activities performed by SETCCE ISLab research group is on intelligent living environments (e.g. smart houses, smart buildings and smart houses), devices for monitoring human health and telecare. Results of long term research activities is presented today in SETCCE iCORE platform, designed and developed for patient distance monitoring, support for humans with special needs in assisted age living. The platform is connected with various devices and sensors, which can be integrated in living environments and household appliances. IT supports the collection of user specific (health) data and processing of collected data by professional health institutions.