Retail industry specific processes are diverse but share the same characteristics: printing, approving and archiving documents in larger quantities. Introduction of paperless processes in retail industry has direct impact on document management, error management, sales process acceleration and relocating resources to core business.

Solutions and services


Introduction of ePero® solution and ePero®START services for electronic signing and managing electronic signing workflows instantly eliminates the use of paper in retail processes. A variety of devices for electronic signing (including mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet PC together with signature pads and signature displays) supports unlimited scenarios of use in stationery mode or on the field (approving of e.g. delivery notices, orders, invoices). Digital transactions with e-signing can be used for internal (HR management, assets management etc.) and external processes with business partners (orders, delivery etc.).


Retail is one of the most intensive industries when it comes to invoicing. SETCCE e-invoicing services support management of complete order to delivery and invoicing lifecycle in electronic form. E-invoices can be supplemented with e-orders and e-delivery notices or other specifications related to retail business.

SETCCE e-invoicing services are integrated with most commonly used distribution channels like e-mail, dedicated messaging systems and e-banking channels. Recipients can import e-invoices in standardized format, further reducing the costs of the process. Same way, SETCCE cloud services can handle other type of documents including orders and delivery notices supporting complete order-delivery-invoice cycle in electronic form.


Organizations in retail business can significantly benefit from managing and archiving documents in electronic format. Costs are significantly reduced for preservation, management and documents access in contrast to paper based archives. Main advantages of SETCCE trusted archive services is in user friendly and intuitive interfaces and highest level of security and reliability. Securely stored documents are retrieved immediately for back office use and customer support. Trusted archiving by SETCCE delivers the highest level of integrity protection and authenticity demonstration for all electronic documents including electronically signed documents.